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Hebrock – a family business

Edgebanders from Eastern Westphalia

Eastern Westphalia (or “OWL” as they say in Germany) is the beating heart of the German furniture industry, but many more hearts also beat here for the skilled trades. Both established traditional companies dating back 100 and more years and hopeful newcomers find success in OWL. Here is an environment that has inspired and motivated us time and again to adjust our edgebanders better all the time to our users’ requirements since the company was founded in 1980. As Hebrock is a family business deeply rooted in the trade, we trust here in the dialogue with small and medium-sized workshop operations.

Inspiring skills

The numerous discussions with customers and partners flow directly into our development, and into our customer service as well of course. From our compact and robust “top 2000 plus” starter model with trim saw and precise adjustment of the top/bottom trimming from the operator side to our K series with surface scraper, radius profile scraper and corner rounding unit, Hebrock edgebander technology enables clean and tear-free edgebanding at the highest possible level for industrial, medium-sized and small businesses.

Enjoy the neighbourhood

And the location at the heart of the German furniture industry has another key benefit – a neighbourly and partnership connection with Altendorf. Altendorf's world-renowned sliding table saws and the Hebrock brand edgebanders represent top precision and processing quality and also guarantee flawless panel processing for the woodworking trade. They’ve been impressing skilled trades customers worldwide for many years now. We’ve therefore been working together since 2018 under the Altendorf Group umbrella.


So simply get talking to us as well! On prior individual agreement we provide a live demo of the machine you’d like. Of course, this is also possible using customer material.

The region’s future is also very important to us. We therefore train:


  • Precision mechanics
  • Mechatronics engineers
  • Cutting machine operators